Not only do we offer clinical performance studies, we offer a broad spectrum of services. These include:

  • “First lab in EU” approach:
    • We offer manufacturers with interesting and novel diagnostic tests the option to establish their test in our laboratory. We will function as the “first lab in EU” to offer your test as a B2C option. 
    • Our lab is specialised in molecular biological techniques as well as serological techniques (such as ELISA and lateral flow assays). We have an expertise in qPCR.
    • Our most recent launch: Colosafe – Colorectal cancer early detection PCR from stool – 
  • Laboratory evaluation studies:
    • including validations of various tests for IVDR and devices and post-market surveillance, 
  • Collaborations:
    • Through our vast network, we offer a gateway to various clinics (including the Charité), medical practices, routine diagnostic pathology laboratories (sample access), as well as private in- and outpatient clinics in Berlin.  

Our study centre and office is located in the heart of Berlin.  Our laboratory is located on-site of the Charité Universitätsmedizin in Berlin – Mitte.