Your partner for Diagnostic HealthCare Solutions

DHS - Diagnostic HealthCare Solutions GmbH is a spin-off of Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin and affiliated with the Charité.

DHS started with simple SARS-CoV-2 PCR services for testing centres in Berlin and expanded its services by opening its own test centre that was commissioned by the Berlin senate. Due to the founder’s large network, we assisted many biotechnology companies in Berlin and Brandenburg by providing valuable samples and conducting clinical performance validation studies for national and international clients. During the course of which, we quickly became a study centre. In Germany, DHS is now one of the initial points of contact when it comes to conducting clinical performance studies for in vitro diagnostics. The DHS has a large international network.

In 2022, we applied for ISO15189 accreditation as a medical laboratory with the German Accreditation Body (DAKKS). With our “First Lab in EU” approach, we enable manufacturers of particularly good and reliable diagnostic innovations from all over the world to enter the European market. For example, DHS is the exclusive provider of the Colosafe test ( in Germany, currently the most reliable colorectal cancer screening test from stool samples. This is the first stool test in Germany that falls into the new and pioneering category of epigenetic stool tests. Colosafe has a very low false-positive rate, yet is highly reliable for detecting even the earliest developments of colorectal cancer. The DHS has received offers for innovations for the early detection of lung cancer and bladder cancer. 

DHS will continue to specialise in the field of oncology (cancer diagnostics). We currently work with Datar Cancer Genetics Europe GmbH, which offers a wide range of highly reliable tests. DHS offers doctors support with the Exacta test. This is a comprehensive tumour analysis (100 million data points) from blood (and optional biopsy material). However, there is also the ChemoScale test, which tests the effect of 30–60 effective substances (chemotherapeutic agents) in the laboratory. Both tests are used for the personalised therapy of cancer patients. GlioTrack is a reliable alternative to brain biopsy. Datar Cancer Genetics is currently in the final phase of developing a comprehensive tumour screening test from whole blood (refinement phase, up to 70 solid tumours).
In addition, we also offer manufacturers worldwide our “Open Lab” approach. Here, the manufacturers of medical devices can exhibit their devices in our lab so that potential customers from Germany can evaluate them before deciding to purchase. This applies to point-of-care devices (for self-use or professional use) as well as larger laboratory devices. Here, potential customers (e.g. routine laboratories) have the opportunity to view the device on site and obtain an initial impression. DHS offers numerous opportunities for manufacturers – please  contact us.

DHS is a 100% German-owned company and aims to contribute to combating the fight against diseases, especially cancer. To achieve this, we are producing informative videos that are understandable to the general public and will offer them for free online.